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OC & Associates HR Co. is a regulated professional services firm incorporated specifically to provide social insurance services. These are some of the services provided:
- Company registration for social insurance (health and pension) and labor insurance plans
- Filings for new hires, employee departures and change of names and addresses
- Statutory report filings to the social insurance agencies
- Applying for child-care and nursing care benefits, accident and sickness and/or maternity leave benefits
- Declaration of workers' compensation premiums and unemployment insurance premiums
- Consulting on Social Security Totalization Agreement and Labor Law issues
- Consulting and preparation of employee Work-rules, and "36" Overtime Labor agreement
- Social insurance consulting for non-Japanese and Japanese expatriates
- Representing the client on Labor Standards Bureau and Pension Office examinations
Company Profile, OC & Associates HR Co.
Firm name : OC & Associates HR Co.
Date of incorporation : June 21, 2017
Address : Kioicho Building 17F
3-12, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0094
TEL : +81-3-5276-0906
FAX : +81-3-5276-0950
Representative : Hiroko Hanato (CSILC #13170260)
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